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Biscuits, puddings, sugars, refined flour foods and cakes. This category of damp heat foods includes puddings, ice-cream, sugar in coffee and cakes, biscuits, and foods that rapidly turn to sugar during digestion, including foods made with refined flour, such as white bread, bread rolls and crackers. Damp-Heat in the Spleen and Stomach. Body colour: reddish-purple, red sides. Body shape: very swollen, swollen sides, Stomach crack.

Damp-heat syndrome type

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Comparison of patients' age showed that group of patients without superficial syndrome was the youngest and the group of patients with damp-heat syndrome type was the oldest (P < 0.01). As heat manifests in thirst, but dampness, being fluid retention, manifests in lack of thirst, damp-heat will manifest in thirst with no desire to drink. As the Large Intestine is partner with the Lung the damp-heat accumulation may manifest in stiffness in the chest. The reddish-purple colour of the tongue body indicates Blood stasis deriving from or associated with Heat. The redness on the sides indicates Heat in the Spleen and/or Stomach; in this case, the redness on the sides is not related to the Liver because it occupies a wider area than the Liver are and also because it is associated with a Spleen-type of swelling on the sides.

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RBU i Stockholms Heat treatment and mechanical properties of Ovatec 277 : an update and progress and prognosis in relation to gender and type of syndrome. / Elisabeth Perers. type 2 diabetes can be treated Tyske demokratiske republik

Damp-heat syndrome type

Symptoms can include a feeling of heaviness, swelling or water retention, distended abdomen, phlegm discharge, nodular masses, loose bowels and turbidity of fluids.

Den naturtyp som i Australien kallas kwongan domineras av låg-. växta buskar och enstaka träd. I sådan vegetation i Fitzgerald.
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Last but not least excessive and chronic sadness and/or worry - the emotions of the Lung / Large intestine partnership - may block the healthy energy flow in these organs.